Chicken Katsu Banh Mi

Are You Ready to Franchise Banh Mi Boys?

After years of successfully operating from a small location, we are now offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs looking for a fresh venture! Vietnamese cuisine focuses on preparing food with the fresh ingredients and premium meats to provide quality meals. 

We are a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in banh mi and other Vietnamese staples. Our sandwiches are popular because of how convenient they are to produce and consume, and their ability to be customized to a specific preference. 

Americans are growing weary of the same options when it comes to fast casuals. They're looking for dynamic meals that are not only delicious, but nutritious and prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Fortunately for entrepreneurs, banh mi is quickly growing to become America's favorite sandwich. With affordable start-up costs, a robust franchise support team, and a huge demand for this concept's menu, investing to franchise a Banh Mi Boys is ideal! Contact us today for more information!